• Pi Davidson

Rusty tin roof

We had our eye on a rusty red roof we could see out of our rental cottage. We scrambled over brambles, waded through bog and fell knee deep in buried ditches to go investigate further. The cottage was open! (When I say open I mean it had no door so we were able to take a peek inside!)

Mrs Leonard's Cottage, as it was affectionately known by the locals because (obviously) Mrs Leonard used to live in it. The last occupants had moved out 30 years previous. No-one since.

It was in fact almost the same as the book we would read to the children, a firm favourite 'The Little House by the Sea' by Benedict Brathwaite .... this cottage was almost the exact same cottage. The swallows lived there, rabbits, totally overgrown and beautiful.


Photos © Pi Davidson and Marnix van Oudheusden